Minnesota Department of Agriculture Fertilizer License No. 20107414
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All of our Applicators are licensed with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
Townhome & Commercial Fertilizing & Weed Control
EARLY SPRING - Granular Fertilizer (slow-release) pre-emergent for crabgrass. Prevents crabgrass germination and helps your lawn get off to a thicker greener start for the season. LATE SPRING -Broadleaf Weed Control. This treatment will help prevent and eliminate a wide spectrum of unwanted broadleaf, including dandelions. SUMMER - Granular Fertilizer (slow release). This treatment maintains a green lawn throughout the sizzling summer heat for up to 13 weeks. This mid season application also includes a liquid broad leaf spot spray for any areas that may need that extra mid- season attention. FALL - 2 Applications: Post-emergent selective herbicide that controls actively growing crabgrass plus any annual and perennial broadleaf such as clover, foxtail and dollar weed. Granular Winterizer (slow release). Helps stabilize your lawn roots and prevents fungus and disease that may try and creep in over the winter.
Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association