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FRANKLIN uses only the highest quality John Deere products to ensure the best possible results each and every time.
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What’s the cost for our service? We know that saving money is a priority for your family. The cost of FRANKLIN’S 5-step program is about the same as what it would cost you for just the materials at a big box store. Also, take into consideration purchasing a spreader and the time it takes to apply it. Are you doing it correctly? Did you know that your lawn requires about 1.5 lbs of nitrogen per 1,000 sq/ft per year? What this means is that for every application your lawn needs approximately 15 lbs of fertilizer (1/3 Acre home site). Is this what your current lawn care provider is doing? Chances are NO. If a price seems too good to be true, it usually is. You’re probably not getting the amount of product you pay for. As we say in the “biz”, less expensive, usually means fewer products being applied. We give honest and fair pricing that insures your lawn gets the food it needs and the happiness you deserve. What about dandelions, creeping Charlie, and crabgrass? When you contact us to receive an estimate, one of our technicians will visit your home to determine what plan is best for your lawn. We only use the best post emergent broad leaf weed control available. We are able to eradicate the toughest weeds such as crabgrass, creeping Charlie and dandelions. What type of products do we use? Did you know that our products are used by the top golf courses around the world? We have teamed up with John Deere to insure that we have the highest quality slow release sulphur coated fertilizers on the market. What does slow release sulphur coated fertilizer mean to you the home owner? It means that your lawn will have the nutrients it needs to ensure long lasting color, and thickness throughout the season. A thicker, greener lawn helps prevent future weeds from invading your lawn. Why are FRANKLIN technicians the best? Our experienced and certified technician carefully monitors your lawn throughout the growing season to insure it is progressing the way it should. If it isn’t, we can adjust the program as needed to get the results both of us will be satisfied. Your property will have one technician that is responsible for your lawn. Not like the larger chains, where there is a different employee on your lawn every time. Our Technicians are well educated to answer any questions you might have while they are on your lawn. Our technicians are uniformed and drive marked trucks for easy identification. Why water? Did you know that watering is the most important thing you can do to help your lawn? Your lawn needs about 1.5” of water throughout the week during a typical summer. When watering your lawn, it’s best to water for a prolonged period once or twice a week then it is to water in shorter durations every day. By watering your lawn for longer periods, water will get below the thatch levels thus lower the evaporation rate. The best time to water is during the early morning hours; this slows evaporation, and help with any likely hood of mold/mildew that is prevalent in lawns that water at night. Don’t have a sprinkler system, or would like an estimate? We can install those as well. Our experience in irrigation installation will help create the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us for a free price quote. What is core aeration? Core aeration is the best thing you can do for your lawn. Why? The “holes” that are created, allow for more moisture, oxygen and fertilizer to go beyond the thatch level and deeper into the soil. We recommend doing this every year for newer lawns (less than 6 years old) or every other year for more established lawns. Core aerating helps break down the hardpan that is created by new construction traffic. The harder the soil, the less likely it is for fertilizer and water to penetrate thus creating more run off and a lawn that continues to struggle. We offer this service in the fall to our clients. Experience the difference from a locally owned company that has been in business for 13 years and has hundreds of happy, satisfied customers!
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